Valerie Braithwaite was born in Ipswich, Queensland in 1951. She completed her PhD in Psychology in 1979 at the University of Queensland, looking at how human values could both link us to and distance us from each other and our institutions. She joined the academic staff at the Australian National University in 1978, and held a full-time position at ANU until 2010, teaching in the Psychology Department, and holding research positions in a number of interdisciplinary units, most notably the Research School of Social Sciences and the Regulatory Institutions Network.  She held leadership positions in both these institutions, breaking new ground in partnering with the Australian Government to set up the Centre for Tax System Integrity in 1999, a flagship “tent” 1  for the soon to be established Regulatory Institutions Network (2000). In 2002, she was recognized by the University for exceptional performance in equity and diversity, in 2005 she received the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Career Achievement, and in 2009 she became a Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia. 

Valerie researches the ways in which individuals and groups engage with regulations imposed by government and other authorities. Defiance in Taxation and Governance presents motivational posturing theory, explaining how we signal to government (and authorities more generally) our trust, hopes and grievances over their actions and decisions. Other monographs and special editions include Bound to Care, Taxing Democracy, Hope, Power and Governance and Responsive Regulation and Taxation. She has co-authored Trust and Governance, Shame Management through Reintegration, Regulating Aged Care, Anomie and Violence, and Pillars and Shadows. 

Valerie has advised government on regulatory policy in areas of education, work safety, charitable organizations, immigration, taxation, aged care, and affirmative action. She served on the Australian Government’s ATO Cash Economy Task Force (1995-2005) and the National Skills Standards Council (2011-14). In 2013 with Kwong Lee Dow, she conducted a review of regulation in higher education for the Australian Government.

After working with the Australian Taxation Office to develop their influential responsive regulatory Compliance Model and serving as Director of the internationally innovative Centre for Tax System Integrity (1999-2005), Valerie returned to administrative responsibilities in 2006-08 as Head of the Regulatory Institutions Network. With the group’s research focus moving to Asia and the Pacific, Valerie led the transition of the Regulatory Institutions Network into ANU’s College of Asia and the Pacific where it continues to pursue new directions of cutting edge research. She retired from her full-time position in RegNet in 2010 to focus on her major research project, Regulation and Social Capital.

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